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So you want Register Now Buttonto know more about auditions?!

You’re in luck! All the info you need is below!

When are auditions?

Auditions are private and will be by appointment on Friday, December 14th and Saturday, December 15th. Call-backs will be held Sunday, December 16th. We do also have dance-only auditions for this show. Please see registration form for more info.

Show Dates:March 15th-17th & 22nd -24th, 2019 at Rockford University’s Maddox Theatre.

How can I sign up to audition?

Online registration is now open. Simply click the thought bubble to the left and it will take you to the registration form. You’ll then receive an email notification of your time along with all the details of what you need to bring to auditions and a more detailed audition form for you to print and fill out.

What are the auditions like?

While most auditions are stress-inducing vomitoriums, auditions at The Studio aren’t…or at least we do our best not to make them be! The vocal auditions are about 3 minutes long, and private. That simply means each auditioner will be singing for just the Directing Team, no audience, other kids, or mom-arazzi (though we do LOVE our mom-arazzis!!). After singing, there will be a dance audition with about 10 other kids to learn a simple dance steps or combination. Auditioners should be prepared to stay approximately two hours.

A few notes about your audition form:

  • Bring your audition form to your audition, along with the production fee of $175*. (Financial assistance is available in certain instances. Payment plans are also available.)
  • Please be honest about your conflicts! Conflicts don’t automatically mean you won’t be considered for a part, and we will do our best to schedule around your conflicts, however, there ARE mandatory rehearsal dates on the rehearsal schedule, which will be posted when registration opens. Keep in mind, this is a tentative schedule. Some dates or times may change.
  • Conflicts added after casting will not be accepted and may affect your role in the show. We know life gets in the way sometimes, but in order to put up the best show possible, we might have to move parts around if cast members choose not to come to rehearsals.

When will rehearsals be?

Below is the tentative rehearsal schedule. Keep in mind not everyone is called for every rehearsal, and as long as we know your conflicts in advance we feel confident we can work around them.

Friday rehearsals are 5-9 PM; Saturday rehearsals are 9 AM – 3PM

Not everyone is called for every rehearsal* You will receive a complete rehearsal schedule a week or two after the show is cast letting you know exactly which rehearsals your child needs to attend.

Tentative Rehearsal Schedule 


14th – 15th — Auditions

16th — Call-backs

December 21st–shortened rehearsal/meet the cast/meet your squads etc.


4th & 5th

11th & 12th

18th & 19th

25th & 26th


1st & 2nd

8th & 9th

15th & 16th

22nd & 23rd


1st & 2nd

8th & 9th (Flying Rehearsals also this week, possibly March 10th. Dates TBA)



14th School Matinees



21st School Matinees


Who can audition?

Anyone ages 8-19 (at the time of the show). Plus, no experience is necessary! We have made exceptions on the older end if someone is aging out during a show but we cannot make any exceptions on the younger end.

Where are the auditions?

Auditions and Call-Backs will be held at The Studio, located at 7326 N. Cherryvale Mall Dr. in Rockford. It’s across the parking lot from Petland near CherryVale Mall.

We’re out of town on the audition dates…can we still do the show?

Yes! Fill out the form and indicate you need to submit a video audition. You still need to fill out the online form so we have you in our system. We will send over information for you to include in your video audition.  We understand there are legitimate reasons an auditioner would need to submit a video, but please only do this if absolutely necessary.

Do you offer scholarships or financial assistance for the production fee?

We understand that there are many demands on your finances at any given moment, and we’re sensitive to that. For this reason, we have a couple of different financial options.

  1. Spread your fees out. We are happy to set up a payment plan to make this doable for you. Hear our heart on this, guys, money should NEVER be a reason you don’t get to be a part of The Studio. Let us know if there’s a need and we will work with you to figure it out! 
  2. We also offer a 10% sibling discount. The first child is full price and each additional child is 10% off.

What should I prepare for my audition?

Prepare a song that shows off your voice. We’re asking for about a minute to a minute and a half (60-90 seconds) for each audition. We recommend you do not sing something from the show, but choose something you’re comfortable with and enjoy singing. Please choose a song that is age appropriate and if possible, similar to the style of the show you’re auditioning for. The easiest way to sing at a Studio audition is to bring an instrumental track on a CD or an iPod. A piano will be available if you have an accompanist and wish to sing to live music, but no accompanist will be provided. In addition, we don’t recommend dancing during your audition. There is a separate dance audition which will give you the chance to show us your moves! Expressive movement is fine (don’t feel like you’re glued to the floor!) but save the technique for your dance audition.

What should I wear to my audition?

We’ve seen kids “dress the part” for an audition, but it is not necessary. Wear something you like and something you feel comfortable in…because you’ll be moving and dancing during your time at The Studio audition. Be modest in your dance wear as well!

Do I need to learn the music from the show?

We encourage you to be as familiar as possible with the music from the Broadway Revival version of Mary Poppins. For callbacks,  if you are called back for a specific part or parts, you will be asked to sing music from the show and read from the script. We recommend you familiarize yourself with as much of the music as you can ahead of time so you’re able to do your very best if you’re called back.

How do I know if I/my child received a call-back?

Call-backs will be posted on our website Saturday evening, and we’ll email all who audition letting them know it’s up. If your child is not called back, that does not mean they aren’t in the show! It simply means they aren’t needed on the day of call-backs.

*Please Note: Sometimes our emails are blocked by specific servers/email addresses. (We’re talking to you, and!) Best to add us to your contact list and/or mark us ‘safe’. In addition, if you do not receive an email by Sunday morning, please email and let us know there is an issue. 

How do I know if my child is cast in the show?

This is, without a doubt, the hardest part of what we do as directors at The Studio. Depending on how many audition, we may or may not have “cuts.” Our hearts are to cast everyone, so everyone has a chance to be a part of a cool experience, but sometimes there just isn’t enough physical room to pack that many kids on a stage! In addition, sometimes kids are simply not quite ready for the demands of a full scale musical. Often, kids just need a few more months under their belt and they come back more ready than ever!

We will post the cast list on our website and an email notification will be sent to all who audition. If your child is not cast in the show, your production fee will be refunded and we will hope to see him/her at the next audition! Please remember, if your child is cast but chooses to drop the show, there is no refund of their production fee.  

Cuts! What’s the policy? Does everyone get cast?

Through our first ten shows, we have had to make cuts for several shows. While it’s not our hearts to cut anyone—we wish we could cast everyone all of the time—there may come a time when it’s just not physically possible to fit that many kids on a stage at once. We also feel, much like a school classroom with too many kids, the spacing, the product on stage, and the overall experience suffers when a cast is too large.

• Please know, for this show, auditioning does not guarantee a spot in the cast. Even families who have participated in previous shows with The Studio are not guaranteed a spot. At the same time, new families are absolutely encouraged to audition. Just because you’re new to The Studio doesn’t automatically put you at the bottom of the list. For example, our magnificent Captain Hook, our talented Le Fou, and our sprightly Peter Pan were all brand new to The Studio, never having done shows with us before.

• You do not need to be a part of The Studio’s private lessons or sessions to be cast. If you are already a part (we love you!) that does not give you preferential treatment either. (If you’re not a part of private lessons, what are you waiting for?)

• Numerous factors will enter into casting for each of our shows: age, behavior, talent, experience, size of groups, number of conflicts, and so on. Each auditioner is vigorously debated, sometimes for hours, and no decisions are made lightly or on a whim.

• We have kids with disabilities who are planning to audition, and while we aren’t as formal to have an “Inclusion Program,” kids with special needs will receive special attention. However, these are all considered on a case-by-case basis; sometimes theatre is physically demanding, and some physical handicaps may disqualify involvement for safety concerns, while some others can be accommodated.

Where can I see the rehearsal schedule?

The tentative rehearsal schedule is above. The detailed rehearsal schedule is forthcoming. It is a huge undertaking, so we thank you in advance for your patience.

We scour the script and plan out every minute of rehearsal time, only calling certain roles on certain days. Please note, we will not call you/your child for rehearsal unless they are scheduled to be working that day. We hate sitting around. Time is precious, and we’ll do our very best not to waste yours!

What if I have a conflict?

We want so badly for you all to succeed and have the most amazing Studio experience—and after our first full season of shows we’re tightening a few areas up when it comes to a Studio production! In order to put on the best show possible (and to ensure that the experience is phenomenal for you and everyone involved) we are updating our casting procedures.

Please see the MUST DATES listed above. In the last few shows we’ve had too many unexcused absences, especially during tech/show weeks. These dates are mandatory and absences can affect your child’s role as well as his/her future casting. 

Pre-Casting Conflicts. We typically have to be pretty strict with conflicts and we will have some must-dates (tech week) here as well…but we get it. So we’re taking that in to account so it won’t be the end of the world if you have to miss a few rehearsals. (And believe us, we value the downtime as much as you, so we’re going to be as flexible as we can!) Just be honest about your conflicts up front (this is key) and we’ll go from there. Even if you think you have too many, audition anyway. We’ll work with whatever you have and have already thought through how to keep you up to date even if you’re gone! That said, it will be up to you to figure out what you missed. We will be providing videos of choreography on our production call board along the way so hopefully that will get you up to speed, but if you need additional help, you need to find someone else in your group and learn what you missed.

Post-Casting Conflicts. In other words, conflicts not on your sheet that you add after being cast in the show. These are hard. It sometimes alters an entire rehearsal’s plans, forcing groups to either work on other material or not rehearse at all. We strongly suggest that post-casting conflicts are avoided. We do know, though, that emergencies arise. These will be considered on a case by case basis. If you have enough post-casting conflicts, it may result in you being asked to sit out a number you’re in or, if it results in numerous conflicts, asked to sit out this production. We want everyone to experience the whole of a Studio production…and it is so much more than just learning a dance or singing a song. It really holds true that if you miss a little, you miss a lot with the Studio! It’s not a punishment—quite the contrary. We would you rather step out of a production and sign up for one where you can experience the whole run, rather than come for a part and get only half an experience. In addition, we feel it lets the rest of the cast down when cast members miss rehearsals, when holes have to be filled, or lines read from off-stage because someone is absent. However, someone missing because of a family emergency is different than someone missing because they were tired. A Studio show is a commitment, for sure, and one to weigh alongside other extra-curriculars, homework, and family time. The Studio runs shows throughout the year, and some times of year may be better for your involvement than others. We’ve tweaked this policy to make sure you, the cast, your parents, the directing teams, and the audience have the most positive, wonderful experience possible!

What will we do at Call-Backs?

We will be singing specific selections from the show as well as reading from the script.  Additional details on call-backs, if any, will be available closer to the audition dates.

What’s up with these Parent Teams?

We are so thankful to have some of the most outstanding Studio families in town! Our shows would never, never come together without their support! That said, Studio Parents are encouraged but not required to join a Parent Team. If you are able to donate some time to making the show happen, we would be most grateful and we’ve got a number of spots you can fill.

Costumes: This team is responsible for clothing our superstars. If you can sew, we want you! But there’s more to this team than just sewing. This group often shops for costume pieces to get the best prices, they help organize each group of performers and often decorate costume pieces and create accessories to bring the whole look together.

School Matinee Sales (not applicable for Summer Shows): The Thursday before we open, we have school matinee performances and we need a team willing to contact area schools, teachers & administration to help secure an audience for these productions. If you don’t mind sending emails, following up with phone calls and are good with details, this is a great spot for you!

Set Building: Handy with a hammer? Please hop on board! We need some serious manpower to make each set a reality, and we would LOVE your help! We’ll schedule specific work days (some may be over the holiday break) to get ahead of the game and make sure the set comes together.

Props: This team is filled with expert finders and makers. They find or create all the props (anything an actor holds) for the show. You don’t have to be crafty to join in.

Set Decoration: This team takes what our set builders have created and turns it in to something stunning. They paint, decorate, cut foam, position set pieces and really add the finishing touches to the overall look of the show.

Refreshments: This team stocks & sells refreshments at the show.

Cast Party: This team plans our post-show celebration. This can be a low key, simple meal or even just dessert–just a chance for everyone to get together and celebrate a job VERY well done. (You’ll be exhausted but in the very best way by the end!)

Backstage: This team works backstage during the actual performances to move set pieces on and off, organize the backstage area, fly in drops (and, depending on the show, fly in children) etc. They are at rehearsals throughout tech week to become familiar with the production.

Marketing/Ad Sales: This team helps publicize the show. They distribute posters and business cards advertising the show and help secure local publicity. They add our events to the community calendars and also sell advertising in our program to local businesses.

School Day Sales: This team works together to contact area schools to book field trip groups to our Thursday school matinees.

House/Clean-up: This team works as our box office and ushers, taking tickets, seating patrons, etc. They are also available to help keep our lobby and auditorium clean if necessary.

Tech: This team helps our performers with their microphones and is on call during the performance in case there is a battery or mic fail. No technical experience is required. May also be asked to run a spotlight (ages 12+)

Hair & Makeup: This team helps make our cast look fancy. They may be asked to help with specialty hair and makeup or touchups throughout the show.

Green Room: This team is available during the week of the show to help man our backstage “holding area” for the kids when they’re not on stage. They also help ensure that kids don’t miss their cues. Depending on cast size, they may be asked to help during some of the rehearsals. A solid “mom voice” is a major plus.

Souvenirs: This team creates adorable souvenirs for our patrons. A crafty gene is a good thing, though not required.

Hospitality: This is a brand new team. We need a few dedicated parents to help ensure that very special “Studio Touch” is happening with each show. May be asked to help with special gifts for the cast, parents, etc. and help execute some of the thoughtful (but sometimes time consuming with such a large cast) elements we want to add to the Studio Show Experience.

Still have questions? Email away!