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Yes! I want to audition…how do I sign up for an appointment and what can I expect?

Visit our Audition Info Page HERE to find out everything you need to know about auditions and to make your audition appointment.

The production cost for Mary Poppins is $175. That includes everything. There won’t be added costs down the line. We may ask you to provide a small costume item like tights, shoes or a T-shirt, but everything else will be covered. This is a one-time fee that covers costume rental, helps with royalties, theater rental, etc. Additional items (show T-shirt, congrats ads for the program etc.) will also be available, but they are optional. Please note: we have increased our production fee by $10 in order to help off-set the cost of flying Mary and Bert. This is an incredibly large financial investment, so we are hoping that by spreading out the cost we can help make the show truly outstanding!

The non-refundable production fee is due in full at the time of the audition. If your child is not cast in the show, the production fee will be refunded. If your child is cast in the show and chooses to drop, we are unable to return the fee. If you are auditioning with a video, your audition form and fee must be turned in prior to audition weekend.
Nope! Your student does not have to be enrolled in classes at The Studio in order to be a part of any of our full-scale musical productions. However, we do offer a number of Studio Sessions, private and group voice and piano lessons as well as private instruction in instrumental brass. We highly recommend all students are constantly working on their craft and encourage you to enroll your child(ren) as it will strengthen their skills.
No. No parts have been cast prior to auditions and all students are given the same consideration, whether they are currently or have previously been private or group students at The Studio.
The schedule/conflicts: The tentative rehearsal schedule is located on the Audition Form and on the Audition Info FormRehearsals are very important to the overall success of the show, and it’s important to be honest about your conflicts on your audition form. Unexcused absences can have consequences, so please be sure to go over your calendar carefully. Of course, we understand that there are always unforeseen conflicts that may arise and will handle those on a case by case basis. Conflicts don’t automatically mean a child won’t get a part or be cast in the show, we simply need to know ahead of time what their availability is.
We want so badly for you all to succeed and have the most amazing Studio experience—and after our first full season of shows we’re tightening a few areas up when it comes to a Studio production! In order to put on the best show possible (and to ensure that the experience is phenomenal for you and everyone involved) we are updating our casting procedures.
Pre-Casting Conflicts
Everyone is allowed three conflicts. Four or more could mean that you are not cast in the show. Not an automatic, just a possibility. For a Studio production, we run approximately 16-20 rehearsals total leading up to the production. If you miss 1/4 of those, the show suffers, your experience suffers, everything suffers. Up until this point we have not considered conflicts in casting, and because of that it has put a lot of pressure on the production–it is pretty difficult to hold rehearsal when people are missing. It alters speaking parts and changes choreography! In addition, we will be taking conflicts into consideration when casting. Having a lead in a show means more lines, more rehearsals, more responsibility—and with that there needs to be as few conflicts as possible. If it comes down to two kids for the same role, and all other things being equal either one could play the part and nail it, conflicts will be a variable in our choice.In addition, during the casting process, we may be contacting you about conflicts, to see if some are firm or not.
Post-Casting Conflicts
These are hard. It sometimes alters an entire rehearsal’s plans, forcing groups to either work on other material or not rehearse at all. We strongly suggest that, if possible, post-casting conflicts are avoided.We do know, though, that emergencies arise. These will be considered on a case by case basis. If you have enough post casting conflicts, it may result in you being asked to sit out a number you’re in or, if it results in numerous conflicts, asked to sit out this production. We want everyone to experience the whole of a Studio production…and it is so much more than just learning a dance or singing a song. It really holds true that if you miss a little, you miss a lot with the Studio!It’s not a punishment–quite the contrary. We would you rather step out of a production and sign up for one where you can experience the whole run, rather than come for a part and get only half an experience. We want you to experience it all! In addition, we feel it lets the rest of the cast down when kids miss, when holes have to be filled, or lines read from off stage because someone is absent. We understand life happens, which is why this is a case by case basis. However, someone missing because of a family emergency is different than someone missing because they were tired. A Studio show is a commitment, for sure, and one to weigh alongside other extra-curriculars, homework, and family time. The Studio runs shows throughout the year, and some times of year may be better for your involvement than others.We’ve tweaked this policy to make sure you, the cast, your parents, the directing teams, and the audience have the most positive, wonderful experience possible!
We try to make as little “mandatory” as we can, but we welcome and appreciate all parental involvement. Parents are invited to serve on one of our Production Teams, if possible. We will do our best to place you on the team of your choice. Teams include: House, Props, Sets, Costumes, Marketing, Schools, Refreshments, Souvenirs, Cast Party and Tech. Our Administrator and Parent Team Coordinator will create teams based on your experience, skills and preferences.
*We know we cannot do this alone, and we are so grateful for willing and dedicated parents who will work together to create an incredible experience for their kids. (Plus, it ends up being a lot of fun for the parents too!) 
We understand! One of the most frequently asked questions comes from parents who really want to set their child up to succeed, but aren’t sure where to begin. We do have a limited number of spaces available for individual audition prep lessons. Email us at for more information.
We recommend attending our audition workshop on August 29th! You can register HERE!