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Take a Moment In the Middle {Free Printable}

Our philosophy for teaching, training, directing and performing is simple: excellence while having fun. It’s important to us that the kids in our shows feel like they’re a part of something wonderful. That we’re a team. That we’re on their side.

Many years ago when Adam was in children’s ministry, he taught on the concept of taking a moment in the middle.

The middle of a ballgame.

The middle of a long, lazy summer day.

The middle of a show.

Stop. Inhale. Slow down.

Give yourself time–even just a single moment–to mark that memory in your mind.

a moment in the middle2_web

It governs everything we do. In the midst of the crazy times, if we can stop and be still, there is always joy in each singular moment.

This weekend, find the moments. Be intentional about taking them. Because those moments…they are a gift, and we are so thankful for each one.

We’ve created a free printable for you to download our original chalkboard art to remind you of this concept in case you, like us, sometimes forget.

Print it. Frame it. Hang it. And have a peaceful weekend!

Click here to get your free 8×10 printable: a moment in the middle