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Frequently Asked Summer Camp Questions

Summer Camp FAQ

I’ve signed up for The Studio’s Summer Camp! What can I expect there?
Fun. Singing. Excitement. Dancing. Friends. Art. Magic. Craziness. Shenanigans.

Specifically, though, a summer camp at The Studio isn’t your typical camp. Everything has been created, written, re-written and tweaked with your child in mind. We’re purposing to make your child’s experience as individually meaningful as possible.

The Studio’s Summer Camp is a performing and visual arts camp—meaning that your kids will be learning simple movement, singing songs, exploring acting, and creating art that is geared toward fostering a love of the arts. All of the activities are age-appropriate and crazy fun, and will range from interactive games built to teach certain skills, to cracking open harmonies while learning proper breathing for voice. Our mission at The Studio is to create excellence…while having fun, and it’s our goal to sweep your kids off their dancin’ feet.

Who’s in charge here?
Adam and Courtney Walsh, the brains and brawn behind The Studio, will act as Camp Directors for all sessions. (You can find out more about them at, under “Who We Are”) In addition, all of the Camp Staff will be wearing Staff T-shirts, easily recognizable, along with security tagged lanyards. Any of The Studio’s trained staff will be able to answer questions—and if they don’t know the answer, can bring you to someone who does!
What should my child bring to camp?

On the first day, just themselves! We ask that they leave all toys, games, and electronics at home.

On the first day, each camper will get a t-shirt. For the rest of the week, we encourage them to wear those shirts every day for Camp, including the Revue on Friday. The t-shirts not only color-code the teams, but also make your child easily recognizable as being part of the camp.

Please provide a sack lunch for your camper or campers each day.

What’s the schedule of camp? What will my child be doing that whole time?

A sample schedule (always up for tweaking) is located on our website, under the “Camps” tab. 

Your kids will be experiencing a variety of performing and visual arts, in each of four (4) Sessions. Most of the training will be using the material for the Revue, but a good portion will be interactive games, lessons, exercises, diversions, contests—all geared to teach. For example, in Balloon Men, kids will take balloons, draw crazy faces on them, then act out a “scene” with different characters while holding the balloon in front of their faces—teaching not only creativity, but character development, vocal diction, and improvisational skills, without the kids even realizing it.

After lunch, the 8-12 year olds will have about an hour of Game Time, followed by rehearsal for the Revue on Friday.

There will, every day, be surprises and laughs along the way, along with Pop-Up Praises to single kids out for being awesome, Warm Fuzzies to spread positive words of encouragement, and interactive team building to create some indelible, incredible memories.

What’s the Revue on Friday all about?

The Revue at the end of the week serves a few purposes: first, to show off your amazing kids, and what we’ve been working on all week. The Revue is important to us, because it’s the best way to see what you, as parents, are paying for. Chances are you’ll be hearing about Camp in the minivan ride home each day, but the Revue is a way for The Studio to display just how gifted God’s made your kids.

Second, it’s a chance for your kids to get up and shine. Rehearsing, singing, dancing, and acting with friends all week is great, but there’s just something about seeing kids on a stage—having an absolute blast. The Studio’s Summer Camp is the antidote to stage fright. The anti-bully. The Self-Esteem-inator 3000. And the Revue is the main way to show off all of that!

The Revue itself will be about 30 minutes, and will include singing, dancing, and acting. This year’s theme is “Heroes and Villains” which means we’ll be performing music with some of the best-loved and most-hated characters throughout screen and stage!

My child is a bit shy, and might not want to be dropped off. Should I stay?
Hopefully that won’t happen, but in our experience, tears usually end within about two minutes. Our “Opening Ceremonies” will include a fun, interactive skit put on by the trained Camp Staff, in addition to welcoming smiles and introductions to other campers by the Directors, Team Leaders, and Team Greenhorns. Our camp, staff, even our entire curriculum is fashioned to warm up to kids at any level.

In addition, we’ll have all of your contact information, emergency or otherwise, if your child is upset for a longer period of time, or in the case of an emergency.

My child and his friend are coming to camp. Can they be on the same team?
Of course! When dealing with singing and dancing, it’s always good to have a cohort in the same boat. Just let us know ahead of time on their registration form, and while we can’t guarantee a 100% satisfaction rate (if there are a lot of requests, it might be impossible with three teams) we’ll work out the details to honor your requests as best we can. 
What was the waiver I signed in the Registration Form?

There were several waivers to sign, one for any accidents that might happen, one for COVID-19, and one for The Studio to use pictures of camp (in essence, your child) on our website or in our marketing materials. We find the best kind of advertising is word of mouth—but in addition to that, a smiling face or a spot-lit singer doesn’t hurt. The waiver you signed simply allows The Studio to use those pictures.

We’ll be doing simple movements, along with some simple dance steps, during the camp. Nothing “Dancing With the Stars”-worthy, for sure, but there’s always the chance of stepping on someone else’s foot. In addition, we’ll be hosting a variety of outdoor games—and when you combine the outdoors, games, and kids, a scraped knee or a bumped elbow might result. The waiver you signed just says that you know what your kids are getting into and the Studio cannot be held liable in the event of accident or injury!

What happens if my child is hurt? Is there a doctor in the house?
While there won’t be a nurse or doctor on site, there are CPR-trained staff members on site from 8:30-3:30. In addition, we’ll have a First Aid kit available for the owwies.
Oh no! We’ve had an emergency and can’t come to camp! Is there a refund policy?

If 2020 taught us anything, is that you can’t really make plans. 🙂

If you need to cancel, here’s what you need to know:

  • Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to camp, will receive a refund for the cost of the camp minus a $25 processing fee.
  • Cancellations made within 30 days of a camp’s start date are only eligible for a refund of 50% of the camp cost.
  • All reimbursements, minus the processing/cancellation fee, will be refunded in the form payment was initially received.
  • The Studio reserves the right to cancel any camp that does not meet the minimum enrollment requirements. Any and all decisions to cancel a camp will be made no less than 2 weeks prior to the camp’s start date and a full refund will be issued.

Want to work at our Summer Camp?

You can apply to work at the summer camp by sending your resume to


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