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When are Auditions?

Auditions are private and will be by appointment. Call-backs will be held Sunday. Please see registration form for more info.

How can I sign up to audition?

Online registration is now open. You’ll then receive an email notification of your time along with all the details of what you need to bring to auditions and a more detailed audition form for you to print and fill out.

What are the auditions like?

While most auditions are stress-inducing vomitoriums, auditions at The Studio aren’t…or at least we do our best not to make them be! The vocal auditions are about 3 minutes long, and private. That simply means each auditioner will be singing for just the Directing Team, no audience, other kids, or mom-arazzi (though we do LOVE our mom-arazzis!!). After singing, there will be a dance audition with about 10 other kids to learn a simple dance steps or combination. Auditioners should be prepared to stay approximately two hours. (Please Note: There is no dance audition for Dear Edwina, Jr.)

A few notes about your audition form:

  • Bring your audition form to your audition, along with the production fee of $195*. (Financial assistance is available in certain instances. Payment plans are also available. Please email admin@thestudiorockford if you need more information.) Please note for anyone who has completed a year of college or older, the production fee can be waived if interested. 
  • Please be honest about your conflicts! Conflicts don’t automatically mean you won’t be considered for a part, and we will do our best to schedule around your conflicts, however, there ARE mandatory rehearsal dates on the rehearsal schedule, which will be posted when registration opens. Tech week rehearsals are mandatory as is the first day of move-in to the theatre. This is a spacing rehearsal and it's imperative we have everyone there. Keep in mind, this is a tentative schedule. Some dates or times may change. The tentative schedule can be found HERE
  • Conflicts added after casting will not be accepted and may affect your role in the show. We know life gets in the way sometimes, but in order to put up the best show possible, we might have to move parts around if cast members choose not to come to rehearsals.

When will rehearsals be?

Fridays at 5-9 and Saturdays 9-3 until tech week. Tech week rehearsals (the week of the show) are 4:30-9 and they are mandatory.

***Please note that for our production of Descendants, we may be required to keep the cast sizes small. We will also need to keep the number of kids in each number small. Kids may not have as much stage time as they would in a typical Studio Show, but we are working to ensure that they get to do as much as the current guidelines will allow. We will not be able to decide if we are doing one cast or two until after auditions. 

Who can audition?

Anyone ages 8-19 (at the time of the show) 

Plus, no experience is necessary!

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