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Private Lessons

Piano. Audition Prep. Voice. Guitar. Brass. Recording. Tracks.

Gone are the days of the boring piano lesson, the dreaded practice time, and the grouchy old lady with the ruler and the sketchy cat. Here at The Studio, our teachers/mentors pay special attention to the individual learning styles of kids—after all, kids are pretty unique these days—and find the best way your child learns.

Bottom line, The Studio combines excellence with having fun, even in private lessons.

For students who wish to grow in their craft, we offer individual instruction in Voice, Piano and all brass instruments (trumpet, French horn, trombone, baritone/euphonium, tuba). In addition, all private student lessons have a songwriting component—in other words, those getting lessons will be writing and composing original works as well.

Along with learning and writing, students will also be introduced to recording, using The Studio’s professional recording studio. Not only is it fun to throw on some cans and lay down a track, it’s a great way to track progress.

Overall, it’s safe. Teachers/mentors are checked and re-checked. Doors are open. Parents are welcome to sit in (although, they might be inspired to sing along). Simply, private lessons are a wonderful way for students to receive one-on-one attention in a non-threatening environment.

Students also have the opportunity to share personal goals, and to be active participants in their learning by choosing songs they want to work on…in addition to being nudged out of their comfort zone by our selections.

For Private Lesson pricing and availability, please email or download the registration form here.

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