What if the magic of Grimm’s fairytales fell into the wrong hands and all the stories were rewritten? What if the happy endings to these stories were in danger, and it was up to one little red-cloaked girl to assemble a group to help defeat four evil villains and make it all right again? And what if that little girl’s story was being written in front of your very eyes as she not only works to save the town of Happily Ever After, but also to discover who she is and what she’s capable of in the process?

Grimm takes everything you thought you knew about your favorite fairytales and turns it upside-side down. With the magic-stealers on the loose, working hard to rewrite the endings to such timeless stories, you’ll find a Cinderella who can’t dance, a Big, Bad Wolf who doesn’t eat meat, a Rapunzel who can’t carry a tune, not to mention a trio of “Prince Charmings” who are anything but. These characters, along with so many others, will spring to life in a way you’ve never seen before.


Grimm will be performed in person at Rockford University’s Maddox Theatre July 15-18 & 22-25, 2021. Tickets will be available soon!


Grimm Videos

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