Audition FAQ

Frequently Asked Audition Questions

Audition FAQ

So you want to know more about auditions?! You’re in luck! All the info you need is below!

Please Note* Show specific information is updated for each new show on/before Audition Registration opens! 

When are Auditions?

Auditions are private and will be by appointment. Call-backs will be held Sunday. Please see registration form for more info.

How can I sign up to audition?

Online registration is now open. You’ll then receive an email notification of your time along with all the details of what you need to bring to auditions and a more detailed audition form for you to print and fill out.

What are the auditions like?

While most auditions are stress-inducing vomitoriums, auditions at The Studio aren’t…or at least we do our best not to make them be! The vocal auditions are about 3 minutes long, and private. That simply means each auditioner will be singing for just the Directing Team, no audience, other kids, or mom-arazzi (though we do LOVE our mom-arazzis!!). After singing, there will be a dance audition with about 10 other kids to learn a simple dance steps or combination. Auditioners should be prepared to stay approximately two hours.

A few notes about your audition form:

  • Bring your audition form to your audition, along with the production fee of $90*. (Financial assistance is available in certain instances. Payment plans are also available. Please email admin@thestudiorockford if you need more information.)
  • Please be honest about your conflicts! Conflicts don’t automatically mean you won’t be considered for a part, and we will do our best to schedule around your conflicts, however, there ARE mandatory rehearsal dates on the rehearsal schedule, which will be posted when registration opens. Keep in mind, this is a tentative schedule. Some dates or times may change.
  • Conflicts added after casting will not be accepted and may affect your role in the show. We know life gets in the way sometimes, but in order to put up the best show possible, we might have to move parts around if cast members choose not to come to rehearsals.

When will rehearsals be?

Below is the tentative rehearsal schedule. Keep in mind not everyone is called for every rehearsal, and as long as we know your conflicts in advance we feel confident we can work around them.

Newsies Tentative Rehearsal Schedule: 

Thursday, May 16 (6-9)
Sunday, May 19 (1-5)
Monday May 20 (5-9) 
Thursday, May 23 (5-9)
Wednesday, May 29 (5-9)
Thursday, May 30 (5-9) (possibly) 
Monday, June 3 (5-9) 
Thursday, June 6 (5-9) 
Sunday June 9 (3-7)
Monday, June 10 (5-9) 
Thursday, June 13 (5-9) 
Saturday, June 22 (9-1) 
Monday, June 24  (5-9) 
Tuesday June 25 (5-9) 
Saturday June 29 (9-1)
Monday, July 1 (please list 12-9 as this may be a boot camp day)
Tuesday, July 2 (please list 12-9 as this may be a boot camp day)
Friday, July 5 (5-9) 
Saturday July 6 (9-3)
Monday July 8 (5-9) 
Thursday July 11 (5-9) 
Saturday July 13 (9-3) 
July 15-18 Tech week (MUST DATES) (5-9) 
July 23-25 Tech week weekend 2 (MUST DATES) (5-9) 

Madagascar Jr. Tentative Rehearsal Schedule: 

Saturday, April 20th 9-3 PM

Friday, April 26th 5-9 PM

Saturday, April 27th 9-3 PM

May 3, 4, 10, 11, 17, 18, 24, 25, 31, June 1, 7, 8 , 14, 15 (Fridays 5-9 PM; Saturdays 9-3 PM) 

June 17-20: Tech Week (Mandatory) 

June 21-23: First Weekend Performances

June 25-27: Tech Week (Mandatory) 

June 28-30: Second Weekend Performances

Who can audition?

Madagascar: Anyone ages 8-13 (at the time of the show).

Newsies: Anyone ages 14+ (no age restriction on the top end)

Plus, no experience is necessary!

Additional FAQs

How much is the production fee? And what does that include?

The production cost for Madagascar Jr. is $175 and the cost for Newsies is $90. That includes everything. There won’t be added costs down the line. We may ask you to provide a small costume item like tights, shoes or a T-shirt, but everything else will be covered. This is a one-time fee that covers costume rental, helps with royalties, theater rental, etc. Additional items (show T-shirt, congrats ads for the program etc.) will also be available, but they are optional. 

When is the production fee due?

The non-refundable production fee is due in full at the time of the audition. If your child is not cast in the show, the production fee will be refunded. If your child is cast in the show and chooses to drop, we are unable to return the fee. If you are auditioning with a video, your audition form and fee must be turned in prior to audition weekend.

Does my child have to be enrolled in classes or private lessons at The Studio in order to participate in the show?

Nope! Your student does not have to be enrolled in classes at The Studio in order to be a part of any of our full-scale musical productions. However, we do offer a number of Studio Sessions, private and group voice and piano lessons as well as private instruction in instrumental brass. We highly recommend all students are constantly working on their craft and encourage you to enroll your child(ren) as it will strengthen their skills.

But will they have a better shot at getting a part if they are enrolled in a class or private lesson at The Studio?

No. No parts have been cast prior to auditions and all students are given the same consideration, whether they are currently or have previously been private or group students at The Studio.

What about rehearsals? What’s the schedule? What if I can’t make it? Where are rehearsals held?

The schedule/conflicts: The tentative rehearsal schedule is located on the Audition Form as well as in the text above. Rehearsals are very important to the overall success of the show, and it’s important to be honest about your conflicts on your audition form. Unexcused absences can have consequences, so please be sure to go over your calendar carefully. Of course, we understand that there are always unforeseen conflicts that may arise and will handle those on a case by case basis. Conflicts don’t automatically mean a child won’t get a part or be cast in the show, we simply need to know ahead of time what their availability is.

What is your policy regarding conflicts?

We want so badly for you all to succeed and have the most amazing Studio experience—and after our first full season of shows we’re tightening a few areas up when it comes to a Studio production! In order to put on the best show possible (and to ensure that the experience is phenomenal for you and everyone involved) we are updating our casting procedures.

What is the expectation of parents whose kids who are cast in the show?

We try to make as little “mandatory” as we can, but we welcome and appreciate all parental involvement. Parents are invited to serve on one of our Production Teams, if possible. We will do our best to place you on the team of your choice. Teams include: House, Props, Sets, Costumes, Marketing, Schools, Refreshments, Souvenirs, Cast Party and Tech. Our Administrator and Parent Team Coordinator will create teams based on your experience, skills and preferences.

My child has never auditioned for anything before…help?

We understand! One of the most frequently asked questions comes from parents who really want to set their child up to succeed, but aren’t sure where to begin. We do have a limited number of spaces available for individual audition prep lessons. Email us at for more information.

Can you help me find a track for my audition?

Absolutely! Email us at: 

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