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Information for our upcoming auditions

Here at the Studio, we believe auditions don’t have to be scary. That’s why we work hard to make them fun. No cattle-call, get ’em in and get it done over here. We’re going to take time to calm nerves, chat a little and hopefully create an environment that doesn’t freak anyone out. Hey, we’ve been there. We know how intimidating it can be to sing your guts out to a table of “judges”… so we’re going to do everything we can think of to make sure every child has an awesome audition experience. 

The Studio Presents GRIMM


Audition Dates:
Friday, April 30th: 4-9
Saturday, May 1st: 10 AM – 6 PM

Sunday, May 2nd: 12 PM – 6 PM

Filming/Performance Dates: 
July 15-18, 22-25

Scheduled Content Streaming Dates:

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Grimm Character Descriptions

The Girl/ Red
An introverted, awkward bookworm who is thrust into an adventure she usually only reads about. Great female lead vehicle for someone who is comedic and musical.

The Boy/The Frog Prince
A romantic prince-turned-frog who has a good, commonsensical head on his green shoulders. Look to cast someone who is good-looking, endearing, and could possibly play the ukulele.

A conniving, short, squirrely, comically wicked little man who is constantly scheming his way into making any situation better for himself. He’s not brooding or evil, more kinetic and pompous. This role is pretty demanding, both acting-wise and singing-wise. 

The Big Bad Wolf
A retired, cool, smooth-talkin’ wolf who is roped into one last ‘mission’ before he settles down. Think smooth, a crooner, someone who can command a room. He’s in love with someone he sings to, while hidden, who lives at the top of a tall tower; Rapunzel. 

The Fairy Godmother
Cinderella’s fairy godmother, but she’s lost her powers. She’s optimistic, Glinda-like, but is depressed because her wand doesn’t work anymore.

Wendell is the 8th dwarf – where there are only supposed to be seven. He’s a foot and a half taller than the rest and really wants to prove to himself and everyone else that he’s has something to offer. 

Lady Damara
Cinderella’s wicked step-mother, cousin to The Queen and Madame Carabosse. Overbearing, poshly dressed, and condescending. 

The Queen
The unspoken (and self-appointed) leader of the witches, she’s Snow White’s evil queen. She is regal but horribly wicked. constantly looking for ways to ruin not only Snow White’s story, but everyone else’s as well. 

Madame Carabosse
Carabosse is Briar Rose’s evil witch, the one who cast a spell to put her family and entire kingdom to sleep. She’s cousins with The Queen and Lady Amara, and she’s wretched, crouched, and physically hunched more than the other two witches.

Prince Charming
Snow White’s prince, and he’s incredibly charming but shockingly naïve. Everything is said with bravado; every emotion is felt to the utmost. A comedic actor here who can ride a bike. 

Cinderella’s Prince
A stunningly handsome, charismatic prince, fit for a prince and hosting a ball. However, under the Witches’ spell, because the world’s worst dancer. The perfect role for someone who isn’t afraid of looking foolish. 

The Cowardly Prince
Briar Rose’s prince, brave enough to conquer darkness, thorns, and whatever perils lay within her castle. However, under the Witches’ spell, he becomes afraid of literally everything. Bunnies included.

The Dwarves (Stuffy, Grouchy, Snarky, Barky, Lumpy, Fluffernutter, and Mime)
These are the seven ‘original’ dwarves to Snow White, each acting the part that their name describes. Fluffernutter constantly eats, Mime can’t actually talk (just act things out), and so on. Perfect for younger, shorter, fun-loving performers. 

Snow White
Snow White is the typical princess from the story we all know – but under the Witches’ spell, she becomes irritable, cantankerous, and hates the dwarves. She longs to find another poison apple to put her back in the glass box. 

Cinderella is exactly how you would picture her in the story – beautiful but bullied, longing for princes and balls and gowns. However, her Fairy Godmother has no magic – and it’s up to Cinderella (with a bit of help) to find a way to win her Prince’s heart at the ball. 

Stuck atop a tall tower, Rapunzel is the epitome of beauty with an angelic voice. However, because of being rewritten by Rumpelstiltskin, she becomes literally tone-deaf, singing everything completely off key. A great role for a fantastic singer who’s not afraid of sounding like a rake on a chalkboard. 

Briar Rose
Sleeping Beauty by another name, Briar Rose is hopelessly and utterly romantic. She finds love everywhere, and longs for everyone else to find it as well.

Jacob Grimm (younger)
One of the Grimm brothers, he is your typical 10-year old boy, adventurous, fearless, and creative. Cast an actor here. 

Wilhelm Grimm (younger)
One of the Grimm brothers, he is the younger of the two. He’s mischievous, turning sticks into swords and always looking to put dragons in his stories.

Jacob Grimm (older)
An old man who runs the bookshop with his younger brother – but there is always a bit of a twinkle in his eye. This isn’t a throwaway part. Jacob is in quite a few scenes, and also opens the show. 

Wilhelm Grimm (older)
An old man who runs the bookshop with his older brother – but there is always a bit of a twinkle in his eye. This isn’t a throwaway part. Wilhelm is in quite a few scenes, and also opens the show.


Stepsister/Mean Girl #1
Stepsister/Mean Girl #2


Evil Chorus
Woodland Chorus
Skelly Chorus

Tentative Rehearsal Schedule* (Subject to change. Flexibility is the word of the summer!)

April 30: 4-9
May 1: 10-6

May 2: 12-6


May 8: 3-8
May 9: 1-5
May 12: 5-8
May 16: 1-5
May 19: 5-8
May 22: 3-8
May 23: 1-5
May 29: 3-8 (possibly dance only)

June 1: 5-9
June 3: 5-9
June 5: 3-8
June 8: 5-9
June 10: 5-9
June 12: 3-8
June 15: 5-9
June 22: 5-9

Grimm Boot Camp

June 29 – July 2: 5-9

July 6: 5-9
July 8: 5-9

*Please note: At this time, it is unclear if we will have one cast or two for this production. We typically cannot make that decision until after auditions and we get a handle on the potential casts/numbers, etc. If you are unavailable for one weekend or the other, please let us know. We are SUPER flexible and want to enable as many people as possible to join us!

Tech Week (Must-Dates)

July 10-14

Show Dates:
July 15-18, 22-25

Cast Album Recording
July 27-31


Cinderella & Stepsisters

Red & Frog Prince

Young Grimm Brothers

Witches & Rumple 2

Witches & Rumple 1

Snow White, Wendell, Dwarves

Rumplestiltskin & The Wolf

Red, Briar-Rose, Cowardly Prince

Red & Prince Charming

Red & Old Grimm Brothers

Red & Cowardly Prince

Frog Prince, Wendell, Charming, Godmother 



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