Spiritual Emphasis Week Memory Verse Songs

The theme for Spiritual Emphasis Week at Rockford Christian School this year was “Extreme Kid Makeover”, led by the Studio’s own, Pastor Adam Walsh.

In an effort to make the Word of God a bit “stickier”, Adam turned the key verses of the week into memory verse songs. We wanted to share them here so kids who were a part of that very special week could refer back to them whenever they wanted!


Take a Moment In the Middle {Free Printable}

Our philosophy for teaching, training, directing and performing is simple: excellence while having fun. It’s important to us that the kids in our shows feel like they’re a part of something wonderful. That we’re a team. That we’re on their side.

Many years ago when Adam was in children’s ministry, he taught on the concept of taking a moment in the middle.

The middle of a ballgame.

The middle of a long, lazy summer day.

The middle of a show.

Stop. Inhale. Slow down.

Give yourself time–even just a single moment–to mark that memory in your mind.

a moment in the middle2_web

It governs everything we do. In the midst of the crazy times, if we can stop and be still, there is always joy in each singular moment.

This weekend, find the moments. Be intentional about taking them. Because those moments…they are a gift, and we are so thankful for each one.

We’ve created a free printable for you to download our original chalkboard art to remind you of this concept in case you, like us, sometimes forget.

Print it. Frame it. Hang it. And have a peaceful weekend!

Click here to get your free 8×10 printable: a moment in the middle

Summer Camps, Recital, and {almost too much} More!

At The Studio, we rarely do anything small.

Nor do we seem to do one thing at a time.









No, it’s more like huge things, at least 8 of them, all at once.

So, in true Studio fashion, here’s what we have cooking:







Our first recital! Over 30 Studio Vocal Students singing a mix of Broadway tunes, Jazz Standards, Disney hits and more—it’s sure to be a laid-back, entertainingly enjoyable evening for all!


new Camp image

















We can’t express how amazingly blessed we feel at the response to our camps. Just a few highlights:

• We were planning for 50 total for our camps. The June session is oversold and the July camp has about 11 spots left.
• We thought Rockford was the only place we had to plan for. There are 3 other camps, one in Canada, using our Frozen Curriculum.
• We knew we wanted an amazing staff for our camps. We have the greatest staff on the planet—and you’ll meet them soon!

Camp is going to be such an experience—not only for the kids, but for us as well!












If you missed the incredible Steps to Grace dance recital, you also missed a big announcement—The Studio and Steps to Grace are “taking steps” to begin a partnership that will put a serious dent in the creative arts of Rockford! There is much more detail coming hopefully very soon, but just be ready for what our working together will bring.

And lastly…










Yeah. That’s about all we can handle. Glad that you’re taking this journey with us!


The Studio has Arrived!

Cue Fanfare

Welcome one, welcome all, to The Studio’s blog and website! Stay a while, noodle around, get inspired and sign up for one or more of the many offerings The Studio has to…well…offer. 🙂

“Some people have a way with words, other people….erm…’not have way,’ I guess.” –Steve Martin, A Wild and Crazy Guy

We’re all about excellence while having fun—so if this is you, we’d love for you to dive in to the deep end of the creative pool with us, floaties or no floaties.

MUCH more to announce in the upcoming weeks and months!

-Adam & Courtney