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There’s a reason we here at The Studio don’t call them “classes.” Classes are boring.  :) Studio Sessions are 4, 6, or 8-week “sessions” geared toward a specific skill, theme, or group. Using unforgettably interactive teaching, these Sessions have kids buzzing for days about what they’ve done and what they’ve learned. Studio Sessions truly embody our mission…excellence while having fun. We are thrilled to add a number of excellent Studio Sessions this Fall, which will challenge kids to stretch their creative wings in the areas of music, acting & theatre. These 6-week “blocks” are perfect to try things out and see how you like it! Read on to find out how you can get involved!

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Winter 2017 Studio Sessions


{Session Begins the week of January 30th and lasts six weeks. } 

Studio Jr Beauty and the Beast

Studio Session: Studio JR BEAUTY AND THE BEAST
Ages: 5-7
Duration: January 31st – March 7th from 4:00 – 4:45 PM
Leader:  Addison Emenecker (also known as “Belle” in The Studio’s upcoming production of Beauty and the Beast)
Price: $90.00*
Focus:  Singing/Acting

Kids will have an enchanted experience learning all about singing, dancing and acting using the songs from Beauty and the Beast. As always, our focus is to build a love of music and theatre in to kids even at this very young age. They’ll learn the basics, but be challenged through the use of theatre games, music instruction and more.

*Special Bonus: All participants will receive a special VIP ticket to a matinee performance of The Studio’s production of Beauty and the Beast. This includes a backstage tour, a meet and greet with the cast, a snack from our refreshment table and a very special keepsake badge. 

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acting and improv


Studio Session: Acting & Improv
Age: 12+
Duration: Tuesdays from 6:30-7:30 PM; January 31st – March 7th
Leader:  Christian Zierke, graduate of the Second City School of Improv in Chicago and Theatre Director at Rockford Christian HS.
Price: $110.00
Focus: Improvisation

Ask a performer what the scariest thing is on stage…and most will say it’s “forgetting their lines.” This session, with exercises, scenes, suggestions and practice, will all but eradicate that fear! Improv is more than sketch comedy, more than quick-witted banter, it’s a facet of performing that forces an actor to be in the moment, to connect with others on stage, and to be an active participant rather than a patient bystander. Plus…it’s crazy fun.

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piano banner • Voice Lessons

Ages: 8+ Price: $20/$30 Length: 30/45 minutes (advanced students only) Days: Monday-Thursday Instructors: Adam Walsh, Olivia Martinez-Sturges, Bailey Sanderson-Eads, Valerie Soetermans

Email us for more information

We currently have a variety of openings for private voice instruction. Please email us at: and we’ll send you pricing and availability. We would love to have you join the Studio family!

piano banner 2 • Piano Lessons

Ages: 5+ Price: $20 Length: 30 minutes Days: Monday-Friday Instructors: Amy Sanderson (Wednesday, Friday), Rebecca Shaw (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday)

Email us for more information

We currently have openings for piano lessons for students ages 6+ beginning in September. For pricing and availability, please email

guitar banner

• Guitar Lessons

Ages: Varies Price: $20 Length: 30 minutes Days: Monday-Friday Instructor: Aaron Urbelis

Email us for more information

We currently have openings for guitar lessons beginning in September. For pricing and availability, please email