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There’s a reason we here at The Studio don’t call them “classes.” Classes are boring.  :) Studio Sessions are 4, 6, or 8-week “sessions” geared toward a specific skill, theme, or group. Using unforgettably interactive teaching, these Sessions have kids buzzing for days about what they’ve done and what they’ve learned. Studio Sessions truly embody our mission…excellence while having fun. We are thrilled to add a number of excellent Studio Sessions this Fall, which will challenge kids to stretch their creative wings in the areas of music, acting & theatre. These 6-week “blocks” are perfect to try things out and see how you like it! Read on to find out how you can get involved!

Winter 2018 Studio Sessions & Workshops

Studio Jr Little Mermaid

Studio Session: Studio JR Presents Little Mermaid
Duration: January 30 – February 27
Time: 4:00 – 4:45 PM
Leader: Faith Hood (currently playing the role of Ariel in The Studio’s production of The Little Mermaid) 
Price: $75 (includes VIP ticket and backstage tour to attend a Family Day performance of The Studio’s production of The Little Mermaid)
Focus:  Singing/Acting/Movement

The JR’s are back again, only this time, things are going to get a little fishy…Catchy rhythm taught by crab? Singing with a seagull? Making fun faces with a fantastic flounder? Check, check, and check! Using songs from Disney’s The Little Mermaid, kids will learn the ins and outs of the stage, all while singing and dancing up a storm. Not only that, this session is taught by none other than The Studio’s Ariel (in the upcoming production in March), Faith Hood!
*Special Bonus: All participants will receive a special VIP ticket to a matinee performance of The Studio’s production of The Little Mermaid. This includes a backstage tour, a meet and greet with the cast, a snack from our refreshment table and a very special keepsake badge.

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Crazy Characters and Funny Faces_edited-1Studio Session: Crazy Characters & Funny Faces (an acting and improv session for young performers) 
Ages: 10-12 and 13+
Duration: January 29th – February 26th
Times: 4:00 – 5:00 PM (ages 10-12)
6:00 – 7:00 PM (ages 13+)
Leader:  Bailey Sanderson
Price: $95.00*
Focus:  Acting, Improv, Character Creation, dialects, comedy & more 

Chances are if you’ve got a 10-12 year old, they’re acting weird, talking in funny voices, making up stories, and being quite the character–often times when you as a parent are trying to tell them to clean something. Coincidentally, The Studio is launching a session that teaches them how to be better at it!
This Improv session, led by Green Room Improv member Bailey Sanderson, will zero in on character–using funny accents, digging into mannerisms and posture, even creating unique characters that interact with others in improv scenes! Games, fun, and most likely a ton of laughing, this Session is a match made in heaven for a silly kid who loves to make things up!

Ages 13+

For the older group, Improv “characters” are on the menu. Often times kids this age feel insecure, wondering about what others are thinking about them–but this Session will smash those fears with a lemon wrapped around a large gold brick.
This Session will explore voice development, dialects and voices, improvisational games and goofy character traits–these teens might not even be recognizable on the car ride home. It’s bound to be pure fun, and the perfect place for those kids looking to let loose with a little laughter!


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Private Lessons 2017

The Studio offers private instruction in Voice, Piano, Guitar and Brass. Starting ages vary and no experience is necessary. Advanced students are welcome.

For pricing & availability, email


Ages: 8+ Price: $20-$30 Length: 30/45 minutes (advanced students only) Days: Monday-Friday Instructors: Adam Walsh, Olivia Martinez-Sturges, Valerie Soetermans


Ages: 5+ Price: $20 Length: 30 minutes Days: Monday-Friday Instructors: Rebecca Aupperle & Amy Sanderson (Piano), Aaron Urbelis (Guitar)

Fall 2017 Lessons begin the week of September 5th. Students may join at any time. A 10% Sibling discount is offered for families with more than one private student.